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Feedback Survey

As we plan for the coming school year, we need to make sure that our goals and priorities address the needs of our students.  Please take a moment to fill out this survey, providing feedback for each of the questions that you feel would help make LGA a better place.  For more information on the formulation of our goals and priorities, and how they align with the new state funding model, please visit our LCFF/LCAP page.


Bullying 101: Starting the Family Conversation

 NUSD is offering a workshop April 23 to give parents an introductory look into the subject of bullying. The workshop is designed to create a common language about bullying and provide information and tools parents can use to recognize bullying when it occurs and help prevent it from happening. Workshop participants will have opportunities to network with other parents, brainstorm ideas about how to talk about bullying with their children and strategies to address bullying at home and at school. The workshop will be from 6:30-8 p.m. April 23 in the Staff Development Center at 1931 Arena Blvd.



The 5th Annual Natomas Duck Pluck Festival 

Duck Pluck Flyer

Tech Talk

LGA Tech Policies

Please take a moment to review the tech policies that have been added to our Technology page. Our goals are to ensure college and career readiness, that all students achieve at high levels, and that we are providing a safe and positive campus culture. These tech policies were crafted with these goals in mind. It is important for all students and families to understand the exciting era we are in at LGA--one which requires a significant degree of personal responsibility on the part of each student. Students are asked to bring their devices to school to use as a part of the learning process. We are working with all of our students on what acceptable use looks like, and creating a structure that will encourage them to focus their technology efforts towards an academic end during the school day.


A Side-by-Side Comparison

Click on the image below to get a quick tutorial on how to stay involved with your students through the following three programs:

Side-by-side comparison

Students Only

New Student Resources

Please visit our SchoolTube Videos page under the "Students" tab. All year, we will be including videos we have shared with students. These videos will range from general school information to subject-specific tutorials and are intended to be a resource that students and parents can refer to as frequently as needed.


Contact Us

Our goal is to provide a positive and safe campus culture for you.  If you would like to share information with us or request help with something you may be struggling with, please take a minute to fill out this form.  This is a safe, confidential place to report something that you may have seen or heard, as well as ask for support, or just someone to talk to because you are going through a hard time.  Also, you can visit our page "Silence Hurts Us All" in order to specifically reports incidents of bullying or suspicion that a peer may be in danger of hurting themselves.  This is a confidential report that is received by administration.

Parents Only

Pic for ACT

ACT Explore Program

The ACT Explore Program is a great resource to help students prepare for future exams and to help them plan for their future high school courses and careers. Please visit the link below for more information.


How Parents Can Get Involved

We have had quite a few parents volunteer their time so far this year!  It has been wonderful to have so many parents connected to the events going on at LGA.  Here are some more details on ways that parents can stay involved and earn their 10 hours this school year:

  • By attending our Dia de Los Muertos Event on November 1st (1 hour)
  • By attending our Parent Conferencing Nights on November 19th and April 8th (1.5 hours each)
  • By attending our Winter and Spring Exhibitions on December 12th and May 15th (2 hours each)
  • By donating supplies, food or other purchases for events (1 hour)
  • By donating home-baked/-cooked goods for events (2  hours)


Parent Survey

Please take just a few minutes to fill out this survey.  Your input will help us improve our practice to better serve all of our students and families. 

Contact Us

Families - Send us a message

Please feel free to use our Contact Us form to share your questions or needs with us!  We are automatically notified of your submission and will get back to you as quickly as possible.


Students - Send us a message

If you have something you would like to share with us, please take a minute to fill out this form made just for students.  This is an opportunity for you to ask questions of us, or to anonymously report information about things you may have heard or seen, as well as request support for yourself.

Tdap Clinic

State law requires that all students receive a whooping cough booster shot (Tdap) before entering 7th grade. To enter class on the first day of school, such students must have provided the district either with proof of immunization or a signed exemption form. As soon as possible, families should provide schools with their child’s immunization record. Tdap exemption forms can be obtained from site secretaries and must be filled out by a pediatrician. Tdap protects adolescents and adults against tetanus and diphtheria, as well as pertussis, commonly called whooping cough.

Three NUSD Tdap clinics are planned in April and May, before school starts for 2014-15.

2014-15 Job Opportunities

If you are interested in pursuing job opportunities that might be available at LGA for the 2014-2015 school year, please take some time learning more about our school through this website.  Also, any applications for open positions must be submitted through EdJoin to be considered.  We are currently looking for candidates in varied subject areas, as we are a growing school, with possible positions requiring more than one subject area credential.  Feel free to contact our office at or at 916.567.5560.  We would be happy to help.

2014-15 Admissions Applications

Admissions applications for the 2014-2015 school year is now available.  Please remember that in order for your student's application to be considered in priority order in the event of a lottery, it needs to be submitted by February 28th, 2014.  You may submit your application online via our website, or you may come in to our office any school day to submit the application in paper form as well.  If you need access to Internet and/or a computer, please feel free to take advantage of the parent computer housed in our front office.