Administrative Team

Our administrative team is here to help your student be successful. Please feel free at any time to contact us if you have concerns or questions regarding your student's educational experience. We also welcome any positive feedback that we can pass along to the staff that work directly with your student every day. We look forward to working with you!

Principal: Dr. Kristen Coates

High School:

Twin Falls High School


U.C. Davis; Idaho State University

Something you should know about me...

I'm happy and privileged to be part of your student's academic journey.

Each member of the LGA team (students, parents, and school staff) has made an informed choice to be an integral part of our school. Each team member has also made a commitment to do whatever it takes to help all LGA students to develop their academic, character, and leadership skills.

I believe we stand at a very special point in time. Educational research clearly states that ALL students, regardless of socio-economic status or ethnicity, can achieve when provided with high expectations, rigorous standards, and exceptional teaching. There are no shortcuts on the road to high achievement.

I have two wonderful kids of my own, who I hope will find a school grounded in high expectations.

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Director of Student Affairs: Mr. Scott Fitzgerald

Years in Education: 9

High School: Elk Grove High School

College: Sac State 

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Director of Academic Affairs: Mr. Jessup McGregor

Years in Education: 8

High School: Bear River High

College: CSU Sacramento; University of the Pacific; Fortune School of Education

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