8th Grade Promotion Ceremony

--- Published on May 20th 2019 ---
LGA Announcements
Commitment to Graduation Class of 2023 poster

Center stage at Leroy Greene Academy’s 8th-grade promotion ceremony today was a huge banner, signed by the students, committing to graduate from high school together as the “Class of 2023.”

LGA’s multipurpose room was packed by families as the 8th-grader Lions walked across the stage, one-by-one, to shake hands with Supt. Chris Evans, Principal Scott Fitzgerald and other officials in a ceremony honoring their promotion to high school.

When teachers were asked to provide a single word to describe this year’s 8th-grade class, Principal Scott Fitzgerald said responses included passionate, enthusiastic, caring, lively, exuberant, and his “personal favorite” – sassy.

Congratulations, Lions! We applaud your achievement, your “sass” and your commitment to graduate together in 2023.

You’re joining a long tradition of academic success. In the three years that LGA has graduated 12th-graders, every senior has qualified for admission to UC or CSU. … We’ll be cheering you on, Lions, over the next four years …

Commitment to Graduation Class of 2023 poster
LGA family outside of 8th grade ceremony with balloons
LGA student in red suit
Leroy Greene parents at ceremony
LGA 8th grade graduate
8th graders on stage at Commitment Ceremony
Superintendent shaking hands on stage
Principal Scott Fitzgerald speaking on stage