Culture & Connectedness Summit III at Leroy Greene Academy

--- Published on April 27th 2024 ---
LGA Announcements

In a move to inspire students to follow their career goals, Leroy Greene Academy’s (LGA) Third Annual Culture and Connectedness Summit took place last week. Professionals from Natomas and around Sacramento County volunteered their time to share with students the in-and-outs of their jobs. “The purpose of the summit is to see possibilities. Remember that anything is possible, especially when you put effort towards it,” Donja Harding, the founder of the event and teacher said.

This year’s theme was “The LGA Way”, which Harding explained to students, “Did I improve? Did I help someone else? If we all do those two things everyday, the school, city, state, country and world will be a better place. That’s part of the LGA way.”