Senior Class of 2019

--- Published on May 23rd 2019 ---
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Leroy Greene Academy’s commencement ceremony tonight continued a tradition of college readiness tracing back to the school’s first senior class three years ago: Virtually every graduate has qualified for admission to UC or CSU.

It has become an LGA tradition: Out of 172 graduates the past three years, all but one completed the package of coursework – known as “a-to-g” requirements – necessary to enter a California four-year college or university.

No wonder speakers at tonight’s graduation ceremony described LGA as a very special place.

Student speaker Jalen Rich, for example, noted that most high schools don’t have counselors willing to talk about anything, at any time. Or teachers who are actually friends with their students. Or a warm family feeling on campus.

“But we’re not like most high schools,” Jalen said, noting that students benefit from all those things at LGA.

“Together we’ve learned a lot,” Jalen said of the 65-member senior class. “We learned Math and English and Science and all those other things, but we’ve learned so much more than that. We’ve learned how to overcome any obstacle. We’ve learned how to surround ourselves with the best people possible.”

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