At LGA, we believe that everyone is important. This includes our students, staff members, parents and families, as well as our surrounding community. In light of this belief, we strive to teach our students how to live this out in their everyday actions. One of the main things we address is how we speak to others as well as how we speak about others. Being a middle school student is a pivotal time in their development as young people.

We focus on identifying issues, addressing them, offering mediation and conflict resolution, and, if necessary, consequences for poor choices in interacting with others.

Below are some resources for students and families. If your student is facing bullying of any kind at school, please do not hesitate to contact our office staff who will inform administration, or take advantage of any of the tip lines offered below.

Schools Insurance Authority
Anti-Bullying Anonymous Reporting:

The Center for Violence-Free Relationships

24/7 Crisis Help Line
916.939.6616 or

B.R.A.V.E. Society


Stop Bullying